What is a cataract?


What are the causes?


In rare cases, children develop cataracts in the first few years of their lives; this is normally due to trauma to the eye or cataracts initially being overlooked.

Symptoms may include:

  • 在眼睛的黑色部分(瞳孔)灰色或白色云节
  • "Red eye" missing in photos or the eyes appear different in photos
  • Rapid eye movements

How can it be treated?


The surgical procedure for cataracts in babies is much like it is for adults, involving the removal of the affected lens in the eye. Depending on your baby’s age and eye development, the surgeon may implant an intraocular lens to replace the original.

Following cataract surgery, your baby will need glasses or contact lenses to see before a permanent intraocular lens is implanted. It’s difficult for a baby to wear glasses on a daily basis, so many doctors choose contact lenses as a more practical solution for babies after cataract surgery.

Silsoft.Pediatric Patient Assistance Program

Your doctor may choose to useSilsoft.SuperPlus (Pediatric) contact lenses for aphakicwhich are designed for children who have had cataract surgery where an intraocular lens has not been implanted (aphakia). Some patients may qualify for theSilsoft.Pediatric Patient Assistance Program一个计划在联邦贫困水平或低于联邦贫困水平或低于或低于联邦贫困水平的家庭提供的计划。与您的眼科专业人员谈谈以确定您的家人是否有资格。