CMV retinitis is an infection that attacks the light-sensing cells in the retina. It is a serious disease that should be diagnosed and treated immediately, because it can lead to loss of vision, and in the worst cases, blindness.


CMV代表Cytomegalovirus。该病毒是人类感染的常见源,通常在身体中休眠而不会产生症状。虽然大多数人的免疫系统能够将其抵御,但免疫系统弱化;新生儿,老年人,接受化疗和器官移植接受者的人易受其影响。艾滋病毒或艾滋病(艾滋病(可获得的免疫缺乏综合症)的人中不太常见)who are taking抗逆转录病毒疗法,但仍然存在风险。CMV感染可以发生在身体的几个部位,最常见于胃肠系统和视网膜,眼睛背面的组织在视觉中必需。



Many people with CMV retinitis experience no symptoms. However, there are certain signs that may be indicative of the virus:

  • 漂浮物在眼中
  • 闪烁在眼睛里
  • Blurred vision
  • 视野中的盲点
  • Loss of peripheral vision

These symptoms may appear in one eye first, then to the other eye.CMV视网膜炎也可能发生视网膜脱离。

If you have a weakened immune system, you should have your eyes examined regularly to help identify any eye health issues early.

Treatment for CMV Retinitis

A person with a weakened immune system experiencing any of the above listed signs should see their eye care professional as soon as possible. The first step may be strengthening your immune system.


Medication (oral, injected or intravenous):Used to slow the progression of the disease.

激光手术:To strengthen the retina, if damaged.